Familia is a program that helps parents develop a strong family structure, promote harmony among family members, pass on the meaning of the Gospel to their children and foster an awareness of the need of Christ in their daily lives. The program consists of bimonthly meetings for mothers of young children. A program for fathers and husbands is also available.
The program began in Minnesota in 1993 and since then the program’s success has been spreading quietly but quickly. FAMILIA is now established across the United States, Canada, the South Pacific and into Europe.

Our primary focus on husbands and fathers, mothers, and youth development: the basic family unit. As the apostolate grows so does the number of programs it offers. These are exciting times, and the harvest is great! We have been given the gift of Faith, and now, through the prompting of the Holy Spirit, we are being called to pass it along to others!

Family Life Teams

A group consisting of about 8-12 members forms a family life team. We read and reflect on the Gospel for the upcoming Sunday at Mass, we study a section in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and we read from and reflect on a letter (encyclical or apostolic letter) written to us by Pope John Paul II. The teams for this year are currently forming. The program can be up to 4 years in length, but each year is complete in itself.

Family Life in America is a national apostolate of Catholic laity committed to the well-being of the family. Its programs are dedicated to fostering the development of religious, moral, psychological and social values in the family by:

  • Assisting fathers and mothers in developing a strong family structure
  • Promoting harmony among all family members, especially between husband and wife
  • Motivating and assisting young people in their journey towards religious, moral, psychological and social maturity
  • Promoting the teachings of the Church concerning marriage and family

Come join us!



Inquiries about any Familia program or to join a group please contact Keith and Judy Hendryx @ 810-691-3122 or jhendryx@charter.net.


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