Patricia Jamrozik

Patricia Jamrozik, 78, of Davison, MI, passed away on June 28, 2023.

Born in Tennessee and known as Faye to some, Patricia’s happiest moments were spent with dear friends and family on her music-filled back deck or “buying lightbulbs” at the casino (something she would say when the house won). Beyond that, she spent countless hours on her tractor maintaining her green acres, building bonfires, and tending to her beautiful flowers. Patricia loved to drive, watch NASCAR races, and laugh-out-loud to “mindless comedies”, especially with her grandchildren.

A strong and independent person, Patrica was a great entertainer and her door was flung wide open to family, friends, and guests, especially during the holidays. Patricia’s generous nature extended beyond her passing, making the decision to benefit the living by donating her body to medical research.

Patricia is survived by her loving daughters, Maria and Michele, as well as her grandsons, Sebastian and Alexander. She also leaves behind extended family and dear friends Anita & family, Barb L., Barb & Bev, Mouse, and Stefanie. Patricia was preceded in death by her father, George, mother Ruby, brother George, Aunt Clara, Babcia, Papa Jack, son-in-law Rudi, extended family, and too many dear, dear friends, including Helen, Maxine, and Jim.

Patricia’s dedication to caring for others extended beyond her personal life, and had a fulfilling career as an RN at Hurley Medical Center.

A memorial service to celebrate Patricia’s life will be held at a later date at St. John’s Catholic Church in Davison, MI. The details of the service will be announced in due course, providing an opportunity for loved ones to come together and honor Patricia’s memory.