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Are you seeking information on becoming a member of the Catholic Church or possibly just interested in learning more about the Catholic Church? Whether you have been baptized in another faith tradition or have never been baptized and are seeking information, We Welcome You!

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) is a process designed for those who have never been baptized or have been baptized in another faith tradition and are thinking about becoming Catholic.  We welcome new members year round.  It is also open to those who have been baptized Catholic and never received any other sacrament.

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Seeking Membership in the Catholic Church


Baptized Catholic: Seeking Confirmation and Eucharist


Process and Contact Information

During the process, participants of the RCIA are invited to several preparatory Rites, which normally take place during the Sunday Mass.  Throughout the year, RCIA members attend the 10:00 weekend Mass.  Those who are not yet baptized (Catechumens) are dismissed after the homily to gather together and reflect on the Sunday readings and the homily.

Meetings take place in the Family Center on Sunday morning after the 10:00 Mass.  The meetings present an overview of Catholic beliefs and provide an opportunity to ask questions and explore your feelings and any concerns you may have.  The RCIA is a process that helps us strengthen our relationship with God through prayer, study, community and service. You will find yourself in a friendly and welcoming group where you can comfortably contemplate this important decision in your life.

The reception of the sacraments in the RCIA process depends upon the readiness of the individual.

The normal time for an unbaptized person to receive the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism-Confirmation-Eucharist is at an Easter Vigil.

Those who are already baptized in another faith tradition and feel drawn to become members of the Catholic Church are received into Full Communion at various times throughout the year.

Those who have been baptized Catholic but never received Confirmation and Eucharist   may also participate in aspects of the process.  They would also receive their sacraments   at various times throughout the year.

Children who have reached the age of seven may also participate in this process if they have never been baptized or have been baptized but have not received the other sacraments.  Upon their readiness they would complete their Sacraments of Initiation.

Elaine Ouellette, RCIA Director
(810) 658-4776 ext. 272



Director of RCIA: Elaine Ouellette, (810) 658-4776 x 272,

Dismissal/Catechumenate: Debra Palma, Mary Fairweather, Loretta & Gary Kralik, Joyce Porritt, Sandy Pifher

Children’s Team: Kathleen Shannon, Deborah Collins, Bonnie Bolf, Mandy Church, Melessa & Matt Durham, Sandy Pifher

Hospitality: John Collins, Korine Coon, Carolyn Grush, Brenda Flagg, Rudy Bolf

Keeper of the Keys: John Erickson