Communication/Marketing Committee

A group of parish volunteers having expertise with communications, marketing, and salesmanship skills who assist parish staff and ministry leaders with developing the message and publishing specific communications, and marketing materials for the Parish population as well as the surrounding community. This committee will work with the Computerization/Graphic Arts/Technology Committee to assure cost effective, appropriate support tools and applications are being utilized.

Contact: Gary Kralik (810) 715-1276

Computer/Graphic Arts/Technology Advisory Committee

A group of parish volunteers who have knowledge of, expertise with, and/or interest in assisting with the research, development, and introduction of cost effective, technological and computerization applications that will enhance the effectiveness of St. John the Evangelist of Davison parish operations and ministries endeavors.

Contact: Gary Kralik at (810) 715-1276

Going Green Committee

A group of parish volunteers who investigate and remain acquainted with environmentally and ecological friendly facility management and business operation practices and procedures. Remaining in compliance with Catholic Church doctrine and directives, the committee performs research and analysis, develops action plans and makes recommendations for cost effective changes to established parish environmental and ecological practices and procedures.

Contact: Parish Office (810) 653-2377

Human Resources/Time and Talent Committee

A group of parish volunteers who remain abreast of parish human resources needs. The committee utilizes a variety of means to assist parish members with identification of their individual strengths/talents and how the identified strengths /talents can be used to support specific parish ministries and services. The committee provides assistance to individuals as they accept the challenge of becoming more deeply engaged with parish life. The committee offers the following services to parish ministries:

A) identification of the ministry’s role in parish life
B) identification of Strengths Finder themes that would compliment the ministry
C) identification of individuals posessing identified themes

Contact: Gary Kralik (810) 715-1276; Marji Theodoroff (810) 654-0028

Stewardship Core Team

A group of parish volunteers and staff members who oversee and react to the on-going challenges of keeping a “Total Stewardship Parish” process in focus and growing. Committee responsibilities include monitoring the effectiveness of implemented actions and make recommendations for changes that will further institutionalize stewardship within our Stewardship goals.

Contact: Rick VanHaaften (810) 348-0733