Catholic School Subsidy

Catholic School Tuition Subsidy is provided for registered, visible, and active members of The Catholic Community of St. John and Blessed Sacrament. Subsidy is a percentage of tuition (minus all scholarships and discounts). Approval is required annually via the below form, due by May 31st prior to the school year.

2023-24 Tuition Subsidy Form

Contact: Dawn Seidell

Library Committee

To serve the People of St. John the Evangelist by providing a balanced selection of resources that encourage spiritual and moral growth. The Library has a wealth of material for all age groups. We seek to foster a deeper understanding of our Catholic Faith as we journey through life. We offer Bible study aids, children’s materials that teach values as well as entertain, Catholic magazines, videos on the Holy Land, and more! Located on the second floor of the Family Center in the Educational Wing.

Contact: Michael Madden (810) 653-8472

Natural Family Planning

To promote the Church’s teaching on contraception and to instruct couples on how to practice the only family planning option that the Church supports, Natural Family Planning. Classes are posted online. There are three- 2 hour classes over the course of three months. There are three sessions per year, in addition to personal requests by couples.

Contact: Deacon Dan Fairweather (810) 653-0070