Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning (NFP) provides a medically safe, healthy, and very low cost method for planning your family. It is proven to be 99% effective in postponing pregnancy and is 100% natural and safe from health risks or harmful side effects. It is also very effective for couples having a hard time achieving pregnancy. All religious bodies including the Catholic church accept the use of NFP by married couples. Couples that use this method of family planning have been statistically shown to have a divorce rate of less than 5%.

In-person classes are cancelled for the remainder of 2020, but couples can register for an online NFP class here:

For more in depth study, go to the Couple to Couple League website for a Home Study course.

The Couple to Couple League The Couple to Couple League International, Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded in 1971 to provide quality Natural Family Planning services throughout the world in order to strengthen the family, the basic unit of society.

The instructors teach as volunteers and receive no compensation for the courses. The cost for the class covers the materials for the course and a 1 year membership to the CCL Family Foundations Newsletter.

  • For more information on NFP check out the website,
  • For a free CD about NFP entitled Marriage and the Eucharist, go to the Mary Foundation website,
  • For another excellent free CD entitled Contraception, Why Not? go to

Contact: Veronica Ur (810) 653-2377